Small businesses, like all companies, need highly-trained teams.

But unlike huge corporations, small businesses can't afford large-scale budgets for training and leadership development.

That's where The Small Business Guild steps in.

We provide interactive management and leadership workshops for small business owners and their staff. And we do so within the constraints of a small business budget.

We deliver our trainings in person and with uncompromising quality. Here's our approach.

We work with small businesses in a given community to identify their shared training needs. We then create training events, customized to meet these needs, which are hosted at convenient locations.

In effect, participating companies are sharing the cost of local, world-class training. This in turn gives them access to more training opportunities than they could afford on their own.

Our Heart for Small Businesses

If you've never heard of us before, that's understandable. We're a relatively new organization. But our principals have been coaches, consultants, and trainers for decades, and their clients include some of the world's largest corporations.

So, given this corporate experience, why would we launch The Small Business Guild?

It's because we have a special heart for the small business community and the challenges that it faces. After all, we are small business owners ourselves, facing these same challenges daily.

Moreover, we believe that small businesses are the engines of national prosperity and local community well-being. When small businesses thrive, America thrives.

The Small Business Guild is based in Dallas, Texas, but will ultimately be franchised nationwide. We are currently proto-typing our program in cities in North and East Texas, with a goal of going statewide within two years.

Our first proto-type has been developed in Tyler, Texas with the close cooperation of the East Texas Better Business Bureau. Plans are underway to start soon in other small business communities of Texas and Oklahoma.